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About Anup Insulation Pvt.Ltd

Anup Insulation Pvt.Ltd. was founded in 1996 and is today one of the major manufacturers and exporter of magnet wire, enameled round copper wire, rectangular and shaped conductor products in India. In a very short time company have a number of big customer list in india and overseas.
The factory is located in RICCO Industrial Area Bindayka, Jaipur where the modern building was custom designed to house the high speed wire drawing, enamelling etc. Anup Insulation Pvt.Ltd. manufactures a complete range of magnet wire, rectangular and shaped conductor products.
Our group company M/s. Umang Boards Pvt. Ltd. India is a globally renowned company for manufacturing of Pre-Compressed Press Boards and its components. UBPL is an ISO certified company having its network worldwide.
Anup Insulation Pvt.Ltd.'s employs approximately 50 people and utilises modern production facilities and up to date testing equipment to ensure that the quality of the outgoing product remains of the highest standard
Anup Insulation Pvt.Ltd.'s markets in India and Middle-East countries include the traditional electrical repair industry, the automotive, lighting and transformer markets.

Training programmes are in place to ensure the continuous development of our employees.